Poll: Trump Approval Rating at 49 Percent

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has risen to 49 percent following his first State of the Union address, according to the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll.

Rasmussen polls 500 likely U.S. voters regularly to track Trump’s approval rating. On Friday, that rating jumped four percent.

  • 49 percent approve
  • 49 percent disapprove
  • 35 percent strongly approve
  • 38 percent strongly disapprove

On Thursday, Rasmussen found:

  • 45 percent approve
  • 53 percent disapprove
  • 31 percent strongly approve
  • 42 percent strongly disapprove

According to Rasmussen, Trump’s approval rating hasn’t hit 50 percent since June, and hasn’t risen above 50 percent since April 2, which is also the last day the president’s disapproval rating fell below 50 percent.

However, Trump took to Twitter Saturday morning touting his approval rating as a “far better number” than he had winning the election in 2016.

Trump tweeted:

Rasmussen polls 500 likely U.S. voters each night for three nights by phone, with a margin of error of  2.5 percentage points in total.


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