Russians laughing off Obama’s ridiculous temper tantrums

Most comic of all in the aftermath of Obama’s Russian diplomat expulsion is that no one’s headed for the hills or hiding in their bunkers all because another one of President Barack Obama’s temper tantrums hit the news.

Russian President Vladimir Putin used the occasion to mop up marketing for himself showing the world he was taking the high road by not matching the deranged Obama, tit for tat, in expelling equal numbers of American diplomats from Moscow.

Putin is not just laughing at Obama from headlines on today’s Drudge Report, he’s basking in the confidence that comes from knowing tacky temper tantrums, whether from celebrities calling on God to “take Trump next” or ordering the bum’s rush for foreign diplomats should be patently, if not gleefully, ignored.

Spoiled brats who turn Moms crimson with embarrassment during department store temper tantrums have to eventually get up off the floor and return home with Mama.

It is thanks mostly to Obama’s own swelled and hot head, that the Russians now get to tag him as millions already see him: “a political corpse”.

“Obama’s decision to expel Russian diplomats—in addition to sanctioning a number of Russian companies and individuals—is nothing but evidence of the agony of the outgoing administration, Konstantin Kosachev, head of the International Committee of the Russian Upper House of Parliament, said to RIA Novosti. “The leaving administration has no reason and no political or moral right for such drastic and disruptive steps with regards to bilateral relations with Russia. Forgive me for being harsh, but I just cannot find other words: this is the agony of not the lame ducks, but of political corpses,” the Russian Senator said. “[President Obama] put at stake the US’ reputation as an adequate state that ensures policy continuity in the process of change of power.” (Observer, Dec. 30, 2016)

“This is really a disturbing news,” responded Kosachev’s deputy, Alexei Chepa. According to the politician, Obama’s goal was simply to create new problems for President-elect Donald Trump—more obstacles in building better relations with Russia. “It creates additional difficulties for the [Trump] administration to overcome later.”

It doesn’t get any richer than that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the man who Obama told in 2012 he’d have more “flexibility” after his re-election, is now saying that the Obama administration was ending its term in “anti-Russia death throes.”

“It is regrettable that the Obama administration, which started out by restoring our ties, is ending its term in an anti-Russia death throes. RIP,” Medvedev, who served as president in 2009 when Obama tried to improve Russia-U.S. relations, wrote on his official Facebook page.


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