Newspapers Struggle to Find Pro-Trump Columnists

With Donald Trump just 39 days away from being inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, newspapers are hanging out the “help wanted” sign as they struggle to find pro-Trump columnists to write for their editorial pages.

According to The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi, traditionally Republican-supporting newspapers like the Des Moines Register and the Arizona Republic are having as much trouble as their more liberal counterparts, The Washington Post and New York Times, in locating writers willing to pen pro-Trump columns for their respective op-ed pages.

Farhi says the papers have conservative writers, but few if any of them are Trump supporters:

“’We struggled to find voices that could advocate for Donald Trump’s ideas,’ said James Bennet, the Times’ editorial-page editor. ‘It was really unusual. It didn’t help that the conservative intelligentsia lined up against him.’ But Bennet says Trump’s campaign contributed to the imbalance: ‘He didn’t have the people around him who were prepared to put together his arguments’ for publication.


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