Stein’s Recount Crusade In Pennsylvania Riddled With Hurdles…Like The Fact That She Missed The Deadline

Cortney wrote how Green Party candidate Jill Stein has filed a recount challenged in Pennsylvania, but it’s a petition riddled with legal hurdles, some of which may be too high for this clown show to overcome. First, a statewide recount is out of the question, as some counties’ recount deadlines have passed. Stein will have to challenge the official results in court, providing evidence that there was indeed outside influences meddling with the election process. The problem: no evidence exists (viaPhillyMag):

Stein can’t file for a recount for herself; instead, three voters from each voting district must request one. Per Billy Penn, Stein would need about 30,000 volunteers for this effort — and in some counties, the recount filing deadline has passed already. Stein could also file a lawsuit, but would need evidence that election fraud was “probable.” A lawsuit, then, seems like the likeliest avenue to force an audit of election results. But it seems unlikely to succeed barring evidence of fraud emerging.And unfortunately for those who support Stein’s efforts, almost 80 percent of Pennsylvania’s counties use voting machines that do not leave a paper audit trail. Marian Schneider, Pennsylvania’s deputy secretary for elections and administration, told NBC in October that there’s little chance of hacking the vote totals, because the computers used to program voting machines are not connected to the Internet.

But can these voting machines be tampered with? Yeah, but that would be an arduous process in which someone would have to enter the warehouse that’s under 24-hour surveillance, where all 4,500 machines are stored—and the tamper with all the machines over a period of four months. In other words, there’s really nothing to these accusations of fraud


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