The perils of believing your own propaganda

I watched Hillary Clinton’s concession speech and the first thing that popped into my head was: never believe your own propaganda.

Hillary Clinton was never going to win this election in a landslide. She was not running away with this. The poll numbers were nowhere near as rosy as they appeared.

It was all propaganda.

Propaganda formulated and contrived by her own campaign with the willing assistance of the Enslaved Press.

You’d think the cynical campaign staff who colluded with the press in the first place would have had enough forethought to fill Mrs. Clinton in on the plan.

”Now, Secretary Clinton. I know they’re saying the White House is yours for the taking, but that’s what we told them to say. It isn’t true. So don’t get cocky and start believing it.”

But they didn’t!

They left her twisting in a lie of her own campaign’s making.

It was blazingly obvious that Hillary made this rookie mistake weeks ago when she looked into a camera and shrieked, “Why aren’t I fifty points ahead?!”

At that moment, John Podesta should have taken her aside and told her the truth.

Clearly he didn’t.

And Hillary arrived at the Jacob Javits Center Tuesday evening believing she had this election sewn up.

Over at the Washington Free Beacon, I saw a brief piece by Natalie Johnson with this headline: Top Clinton Adviser: She Didn’t ‘Contemplate Losing’ the White House.

Of course she didn’t contemplate it.

Hillary believed her own campaign propaganda.

And when reality hit her in the face like a cold, hard slap, she was left reeling.

That’s why Hillary was unable to come out and speak to her supporters Tuesday night.

Sure, her supporters may have been crying and upset, but Hillary was inconsolable.

Look at it from Hillary’s perspective.

If you believed reality was one thing and discovered the hard way you were lied to, wouldn’t you be too distraught to face your supporters?

I can’t help but wonder if someone in the campaign secretly hates Hillary so much, they decided to do this to her on purpose (my money’s on Neera Tanden).

Sure, there’s a great deal of schadenfreude in knowing that Hillary Clinton got blindsided by reality.

She’s such a detestable creature, it’s hard not to get that nanny nanny boo-boo feeling welling up in your throat over this.

But at the same time it was deeply cruel of Robby Mook and John Podesta to keep Hillary in the dark that way.

That’s the problem with living in an echo chamber – even an echo chamber of your own making.

While Hillary saw Tuesday as a stunning, unexpected defeat, most of us on Planet Earth kinda knew it was coming.

No. Not because we’re prescient.

We just live in the real world.

And after eight years of Obama, most folks in the real world have enough sense not to fall for the propaganda peddled by this Enslaved Press.

The fact that Hillary Clinton got caught in a trap of her own making pretty much confirms for me that she is too far out of touch with reality to have ever been capable of being the President of the United States


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