The Hypocrisy of not Accepting Election Results

Remember just a couple weeks ago when the Left went apoplectic whenDonald Trump said he would “accept the election results … if I win”?

How many angry think-pieces and tweets were written by journalists and lefties foaming at the mouth over Trump’s comments? At the time, these writers assumedHillary Clinton would win, and worried Trump would try to contest the election a la Democrat Al Gore in 2000 or congressional Democrats in 2004 (sure seems like Democrats are the ones who try to officially contest elections when they lose).

They mocked and derided Trump for presumably throwing a temper tantrum if he lost and refusing to accept such a loss.

But that was weeks ago.

Since the election Tuesday night, we’ve had two days (and counting) of leftists literally taking to the streets to shout and cry and burn flags because their preferred candidate lost. More such protests are planned.

In New York City, protesters chanted, “Not my president!” from the streets of midtown Manhattan around Trump’s home on Fifth Avenue. In Oakland, Calif., rioters set garbage on fire, blocked traffic, attacked police and damaged local businesses. Because this is what the Left does when it doesn’t get its way.

Colleges and universities have proven even more embarrassing. The front page of the Harvard Crimson at the time of this writing is full of articles about the “anxiety,” “disbelief” or “shock” being felt by students and faculty over Trump’s win. Cornell students hosted a “cry-in” that allowed students to “console” each other.

Protests erupted at many other schools, including Columbia, where students were “weeping in the streets” and “running, screaming and crying.” The University of Michigan-Flint provided students “safe spaces” and “counseling” to help them deal with the results of the election.

At other schools, students (naturally) requested days off or postponement of exams to get over their alleged trauma.


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