Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won

Trump Is What Happens When You Nominate A Cheater and Live In An Echo Chamber—Please Learn From This

Did you read Wikileaks?

Well, you should have.

The “conspiracies” were true, and the mainstream media lied to you to about everything.

Wikileaks was not Russian propaganda, it was the news.

Wikileaks has a 10-year record of never releasing a single falsified document, and is not connected to Russia. Everything they released were the actual e-mails of Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff. You had the opportunity to look through a window into the Hillary Clinton campaign, but you didn’t.

By ignoring the leaks, you ignored reality.

By not listening to your fellow Americans, and accusing them of being “conspiracy theorists” and trusting the corporate media, you ignored reality. By only following other liberals on social media, and only reading liberal or corporate news, once again ignoring reality. When Hillary Clinton was caught rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders, and Democrats nominated her anyway they ignored reality.

Everyone was simply insulating themselves within their own echo chamber ignoring anything outside their bubble.

The Media Lied To Us About EVERYTHING

If you’ve been following my Twitteror Facebook account during this 2016 election you probably would have thought I was a Trump supporter. However, I am a former registered Democrat, a Bernie supporter, and consider myself a progressive libertarian. This was the first election I ended up voting 3rd party, but my second choice was Trump. I simply could not vote for Hillary Clinton because of her mishandling of classified information, and stealing the nomination from the people’s choice Bernie Sanders.

Hillary never should have been nominated in the first place. The first clue was when she was under FBI investigation, and the second clue was when she rigged the primary elections.

In an attempt to inform my friends, family, and followers I posted dozens if not hundreds of Wikileaks e-mails, and tweeted alt-right news just as much as I did liberal news. I did this because most of my followers are liberals, and I realized they were all living in an echo chamber on social media where they were not being exposed to differing opinions or news. I was mostly rejected by liberals for doing this, they didn’t understand why I was sharing things that made them uncomfortable, but now they know why. Ironically, I got far more support from Trump supporters for trying to tell Democrats the truth. I wasn’t expecting that.

I took it upon myself to understand Trump, and his supporters. What I found was millions of great Americans who had been disenfranchised, normal people like you and I, who did not recover from the Great Recession. They’re pissed off about Obama Care, endless wars, trade deals that have killed jobs, higher taxes, a rigged economy–and, they are not wrong.

Had Democrats taken the concerns of average American seriously, especially the concerns of Millennials, they would have quickly realized Hillary Clinton was not the right nominee for the Democratic party in 2016.

Bernie Sanders Would Have Beat Trump

I 100% believe Bernie Sanders could have created a political revolution to beat Trump, but instead we’re getting Trump’s revolution.

The reason Hillary Clinton did not win this election is because she never should have been nominated in the first place. There was a better choice.

Democrats let Hillary hijack the DNC, and use her corporate money to push everyone around. Meanwhile, she used Correct The Record to poison the minds of people online into isolating themselves with paid Hillary trolls. Had Democrats paid attention to the leaks they would have seen the mountain of evidence that told the world that Hillary rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders, and was illegally coordinating with Super PACs like CTR. She should have been disqualified. The evidence is on

Meanwhile, the media, and social media kept everyone ignorant and isolated from differing opinions. They lied to us, manipulated us, and made us think the rest of the country agreed with us, when they didn’t. They used their position of authority to mislead us into believing in a false reality—in propaganda.

This is the problem with America today, the technology that was supposed to bring us together actually isolated us into echo chambers and drove us further apart.

Getting the news from just your friends is a logical fallacy, you need to know your enemies, and realize they’re not much different from yourself.

There Is Good News

While you weren’t paying attention, Trump is actually a former Democrat. If you study his actual values he has far more in common with traditional moderate or liberal values than he does a traditional conservative. In fact, Trump may even be more liberal than Hillary Clinton on several issues.

The media prevented any kind of discussion on values, and instead focused on rhetoric and propaganda. So most Americans who immediately defaulted to what the media and Clinton campaign told them never took the time to actually get to know Donald Trump. They just watched the jokes on SNL, and corporate media blindly without considering other sources. While I’m still unsure about Trump myself, we at least know politically he’s actually a New York Democrat in Republican clothing (this is why the Republican establishment rejected him).

You also need to consider Donald Trump just overthrew a group of political elites who have been ruling this country for decades. He just beat the political establishment singlehandedly. No matter what you think about him personally, he just accomplished something historic to become our President.

At the end of the day, this is an opportunity to learn and grow and consider another world view. This is a wakeup call to get out of safe spaces, politically correct thinking, shatter echo chambers, and challenge yourself to consider the other side of the fence. This is an opportunity to reach out and truly learn to understand each other.

We all have to come together to solve any real problems with our country in the next 4-years. This election was a lesson to consider all ideas equally, regardless of established authority.

We need to come together and move forward together.

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  • Responses
    Conversation between Yonas Hassen and Gil Stonebarger.
    We need to come together and move forward together.

    I would have taken this final sentence a lot more seriously had your entire post not been so full of condescension.

    You have solid points, but learn how to communicate or you will continue to hit that brick wall you’ve been trying to penetrate.

    listen to the message and ignore the messenger

    As a European on the outside looking in this is about as accurate as I’ve seen. The democrats and mainstream media just stuck their heads in the sand. They believed the sounds in their own echo chamber and discounted every other voice, regardless if the content. Did Brexit teach people nothing?

    Conversation with Trent Lapinski.
    At the end of the day, this is an opportunity to learn and grow and consider another world view

    What is this worldview?

    From where I’m sitting, the guy who tried to de-legitimize the office of the U.S. President just won that office. Not sure that’s going to be good for the U.S.A. or the world. I’m trying to hear opposing viewpoints today, so I’d love to know your thoughts about race, sexism and if those matter to you or not.

    Here’s the thing with this election: racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc. They did not matter. This was an establishment vs. anti-establishment election, and all the rhetoric concerning “isms” were a distraction used by the mainstream media and Clinton campaign to distract us from talking about policy, values, Wikileaks, and the issues.

    Read more…

    Trent, because you seem to like informing people about these bubbles we’re all in, let me inform you about your own: it’s called being a white man in America.

    You are under the impression that these “isms” are literally a distraction from the “real issues.” The real issues, according to what typically takes priority for…

    Read more…

    I’m getting a ton of replies right now so its hard for me to reply.

    I hear where you’re coming from, and absolutely understand. I wasn’t dismissing the importance of “isms” I was simply stating categorically they’re social issues. They cannot be addressed overnight. I was not attempting to undermine their severity at all, I…

    Read more…

    I’m a fellow libertarian who did vote Trump. I wanted to go with Johnson but needed to make my anti-Hillary stand. I am in the hub of sheltered in a bubble liberalism here in Massachusetts. You just articulated everything I was trying to say.

    I am Latino. I’m not a racist or sexist. I’m grateful for your clear thinking, seeing through the spin.


    Very nice post. Critical thinkers labeled as conspiracy theorist helped him win.

    While you weren’t paying attention, Trump is actually a former Democrat. If you study his actual values he has far more in common with traditional moderate or liberal values than he …

    This is really important. Trump was well to the left of Clinton on trade and on foreign policy.

    This is the post I’d have written after sleep. Well done!


    This! I’ve been saying these things for months. The tone deafness has astounded me.

    Conversation between Trent Lapinski andPat Ryan.

    thank you for writing this; reasonable and i would be glad to work with you, or people like you (as represented in this post) to fix the problems we face.

    Perhaps you have a point about the wikileaks emails, not being fake, and there seems little doubt they did hurt her #’s with some key groups, when pundits said they would…

    Read more…

    This is just my opinion, but there is nothing we should do about “deplorables” other than accept them for who they are. We need to accept that other people are entitled to their own opinions. We shouldn’t try to socially engineer anyone into believing anything. Forcing people we disagree with into echo chambers, and preventing them from getting…

    Read more…

    Hello, I am a deplorable disabled Veteran, Good article. I’ve tried to speak to liberals on Twitter Facebook and my YouTube Channel. I’ve been called racist, my military service questioned, even death threats! I owned a successful business for twenty years. Very glad to read you article to other liberals it nice to see someone trying to reach them. I…

    Read more…
    Conversation with Trent Lapinski.

    Next time please spare us all of the gloating, victorious lecture dripping in condescension. Not everyone ignored the emails. Reading them doesn’t make you special or more intelligent than the rest of us. The primaries weren’t stolen — more people voted for Clinton, not Bernie. Clinton received more votes in the primaries than Trump, if you’ll…

    Read more…

    I felt the need to reply since you got a lot of hearts for this reply. I must say I’m disappointed. I understand you’re upset, but taking it out on me won’t make you feel any better.

    Way to blame the messenger.

    You are aware of the fact that is a logical fallacy?

    Read more…

    Your attempts at neatly sidestepping kev’s points regarding Trump’s sexism, racism, and xenophobia are noted, but rejected. Trump’s views aren’t “trolling” by the alt right — they are documented many times over by his supporters and by the candidate himself. I’d like to see a single rational argument explaining how someone with a shred of morality…

    Read more…

    I don’t have an answer for you. I didn’t vote for him because of this and several other reasons.

    This is perfectly written and so true.

    Conversation between Trent Lapinski andWilliam Boothman.

    Do you really think that the Trump supporters would have voted for a liberal Jew from the Northeast? I get the populism, I truly do. What about minority support? I’m genuinely asking to understand your thinking.

    Many Bernie Sanders supporters voted for Trump, or a 3rd party (which was essentially a vote for Trump). I believe Bernie started a political revolution during the primaries that had the potential to snowball to rest of the country, and addressed many of the key concerns of the majority of Americans. However, the media failed to report on Bernie and…

    Read more…

    Wow. Bernie was not ignored by the media. Yes, Bernie was thrown under the bus by Hillary and the DNC in the most crooked way imaginable…… and that’s what I tried to reason with liberals on social media the entire election. Trump was NOT my first choice, but Hillary could NEVER be my choice. While many liberals got behind Bernie and claimed they…

    Read more…

    SPOT ON, TRENT. I will share your article…This election needs to be a lesson to all, especially the ones that you so truly stated, stay in their echo chamber and safe space. Finding the balance between emotion and logic is key.

    Thank you!


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