STUPID HIPSTERS in the media hate Trump –

In more than a decade reporting on various topics, I’ve never witnessed my peers in the media be so blatant and unabashed about their left-wing bias.

It’s almost like hating Donald Trump is a badge of honor — something that, if you say on social media or on the air, will get you accepted into this cool, above-the-fray, rational, reasonable crowd. You will be standing up for principles higher than the ones you pledged to in journalism school — to report things accurately and fairly, without showing bias. To represent both sides and let the audience make the final determination.

On Friday’s MSNBC “Morning Joe,” Mika Brzezinski — who has always been to the left of Joe Scarborough’s right — finally admitted she could no longer remain unbiased while covering the presidential election.

As she turned to Trump surrogate Pastor Mark Burns, she said, “And I can’t pretend and, sort of, try to cover this fairly and put into the veil of objectivity,” as another panelist, Nicole Wallace, a Republican strategist, nodded her head in approval.

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