INSIDER: Border Patrol Agents Beg For Help As Thousands Of Illegals Cross The Border |

Obama and his policies regarding illegal immigration are well known. He is the leader of many Democrats who believe that America should welcome and protect illegal immigrants. He has repeatedly defended illegal immigrants and has failed to enact promises to increase deportation and crack down on border security.When he first took office, Obama actually confronted the immigration issue head on.

He attempted to make good on some of his campaign promises to decrease the number of illegals in our country. This quickly earned him a bad reputation among the Hispanic community. The scrutiny was more than Obama could stand and he rapidly changed course and became an adamant protector of illegal aliens.In 2015, Obama initiated new laws which reduced deportations, bringing them to their lowest level since 2006. His policies gave 74% of illegals protection from deportation. In 2015 he attempted to raise that number to 87%. Subsequently that attempt was blocked by the Supreme Court. Texas governor, Greg Abbott, called that ruling, “a victory for all law-abiding Americans—including the millions of immigrants who came to America following the rule of law.

Supporters of Obama’s policies would have us believe that the immigrants he is protecting are families and children that were born here. They stress that most of these immigrants really do want to be here legally and just lack the knowledge or resources to begin that process.A report published by the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute showed that that to be inaccurate. The report found that about 13% of an estimated 11 million immigrants without papers, or about 1.4 million people, have criminal records or recently crossed the border illegally. Illegal immigrants, besides including criminals, present other danger to America. They are a drain on our financial support systems, taking advantage of programs such as food stamps, free phones, healthcare, and schooling. Many of our growing population are children of illegal immigrants.

This means that America is diverting time and resources that could go to American children.A study of 2012 data showed that welfare was paying $5,692 yearly to illegals households, compared with the average $4,431 welfare payout to non-immigrant households collecting the benefit.This year, it became clear that a President who would not coddle illegals might take over. Mexico and its immigrants panicked. The number of illegal immigrants soared through October; 46,145 illegals were apprehended at the border.

This is a significant increase from the preceding months. September, 39,501, August, 37,048; and last October, 32,724.People are rushing into our country before President Elect Donald Trump takes office and secure ours borders as a matter of national security.Border agents, especially in high crossing areas, are overwhelmed. Agents are begging for help in their efforts to apprehend and detain immigrants crossing illegally.

The McAllen Station border patrol station in Texas is responsible for patrolling 53 miles the Rio Grande. They are the busiest station among those patrolling the borders. The Rio Grande Valley border crossing sector is a 1,254 mile stretch. It has become the feature of a local Texas news station and their feature story of the life of a border patrol agent

.Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Marlene Castro told the news site the traffic crossing the Rio Grande River from Mexico is unrelenting and impossible to contain. This is despite the fact that most border jumpers willingly comply with officers.Castro said. “It’s been a group, and then five minutes later another group, and then half an hour later you’ll see another one.”This span of river is currently where agents are nabbing about 500 illegal immigrants flooding into the country each day. That number is just the ones they are catching, Castro admits there are many they can’t catch, “We don’t know how many have come through and I can’t even begin to give you an estimate or a more or less,” “We know we don’t catch everything.

It’s easy in the sense that they can just stand there, sit there, wait till they don’t see us in the area, and come across.”Some of these immigrants are women, children, and families seeking to escape poor and dangerous conditions. Border agents know this and so do the other types of immigrants. Criminals and immigrants who have previously been deported will use the women and children as cover. Castro states, “They might use (a group of women and children) as a distraction. The women and children are coming across and they’ll come in through somewhere else because we’re caught up with the women and children.”She also comments about how persistent the immigrants are even after they have been deported, “They come in, you arrest them, you deport them, they come in again, you arrest them, you deport them, and they keep coming back.”

Source: INSIDER: Border Patrol Agents Beg For Help As Thousands Of Illegals Cross The Border | Conservative Daily Post


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