Damages from Trump protests, officer overtime cost at least $50,000

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —As soon as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took the stage in Albuquerque Tuesday night, violence broke out downtown.AdvertisementAs a result, the convention center has doors boarded shut and scratches in the windows.The Albuquerque Police Department also said there were bullet holes in the building. Eight windows and one glass door were damaged on the east side of the convention center, the estimated cost to replace is $10,000. Hundreds of protesters charged the convention center door and began to bang on the window. They then proceeded to light shirts and trash on fire.An estimated 1,000 people participated in the protests. APD had about 200 officers assigned and an estimated 8,000 people attended the rally. The city said the damages to public and private property by a few unruly members of the protests and the required overtime for the public safety personnel cost taxpayers at least $50,000. APD has confirmed they have arrested four people, including two juveniles and an adult inside the rally and another adult outside, all for disorderly conduct.Officers said they detained about a dozen others.One APD horse fell and suffered abrasions to his legs, and other horses were hit with rocks and broken glass.The department said all seven of their horses have been checked by a veterinarian and they are cleared and back on duty.They also said nine officers who were on the horses Tuesday night suffered minor injuries. There were six officers that suffered significant injuries after being pummeled with fist-sized rocks. One sergeant on scene was treated for smoke inhalation due to fires lit by protesters. APD is combing through hours of video to identify the people who caused damage and hurt officers.KOAT is working on finding out how much the city spent on overtime. Numbers will be reported once the information is provide since it will come out of taxpayer dollars.More arrested are expected to be made. Anyone with information or video of people causing damage, fighting or throwing rocks at officers and/or horses is asked to report the information to (505)242-COPS. APD did say they would like to thank the peaceful organizers, especially those who formed a human chain in attempts to deter criminal activity.

Source: Damages from Trump protests, officer overtime cost at least $50,000


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